Because we treat all patients as our family members, we make sure that each patient in our office is provided the best care possible. Dr. Angela believes that this can only be achieved by using state-of-the-art technologies in all our dental procedures. Our office uses the latest technologies in modern dentistry that allows us to diagnose problems, treat gums and restore your teeth in a customizable fashion. We also use the best dental program in the market to make our office the most efficient in both clinical and administrative aspect.


Restorative Treatment

Unfortunately, teeth may become less functional due to wear, decay, trauma or extraction. We are able to treat this problem by placing tooth colored fillings, crowns, bridges or dentures. Dr. Pourghassemi does a wonderful job of restoring your teeth so that they can perform and function, as they should.


This branch of dentistry is concerned with the morphology, physiology and pathology of the human dental pulp and periradicular tissues. Dr. Pourghassemi can diagnose if root canal therapy is needed and can perform the necessary treatment to prevent or remove the infection. Most often, patients associate needing root canal therapy with pain, but actually root canal treatment relieves tooth pain. Endodontic treatment can usually be accomplished in one or two visits here in our office.


A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. Sometimes a tooth cannot be retained and an extraction is recommended due to various reasons. Tooth decay that has destroyed enough tooth structure to prevent restoration is the most frequent indication for extraction of teeth.

Esthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry

We know the look of your smile is important to you. We can discuss with you several options to have the smile you’ve always wanted. Some treatment options include: teeth whitening, veneers, lumineers, porcelain inlay and onlays, lava porcelain crowns, and Invisalign orthodontics.

Children Dentistry

We welcome children in our office because we care about your child’s oral health. We know you want the best dental care for your child, and to promote a positive experience for your child’s dental visit. Dr. Pourghassemi provides a fun, happy environment in our office so that everyone can feel comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide

Dr. Pourghassemi offers nitrous oxide to help reduce anxiety while in the dental office for those patients who are anxious. Under our dental office setting, it is a colorless non-flammable gas, with a pleasant, slightly sweet odor and taste. It is used in surgery and dentistry for its anesthetic and analgesic effects, where it is commonly know as “laughing gas” due to the euphoric effects of inhaling it.